Dental Implants (FAQ)

Dental implants are generally safe and do not pose much risk to patients. They are made of titanium which is traditionally used in hip and knee replacement surgeries. Many of the older implant designs, introduced in the early 1960s are still functioning well in patients worldwide.
Mini implants are smaller diameter implants as compared to the conventional sizes of "3.75mm, 4.3mm". They are usually less than 3mm in diameter and are used generally as transitional fixtures.
Restoring missing teeth with dental implants require 2 stages. Firstly, a surgery is needed to insert the dental implant into the gums. The dental implant is left undisturbed for a period of 2 to 3 months for healing to take place. A second procedure is then performed to connect an abutment to the dental implant followed by fabrication of a dental crown over the abutment.

Bone grafting procedures to augment the deficient bone can be considered as a possible solution. However, bone grafting requires a surgery and usually increases the treatment duration, costs and morbidity of the patient. Alternatively, other replacement options like dentures and dental bridges can be considered.

In Singapore, citizens can claim a proportion of their implant surgery from their Medisave accounts. Please check that the dental clinic you are with is a Medisave approved healthcare institution.