Digital Dentistry

Achieving the “Perfect” Smile 

Troubled by discolored, spaced, chipped or crooked teeth? Or seeing a black “shadow” at the corner of your mouth because of a ugly silver mercury filling? At SmileArts Dental Studio, we open your eyes to customized treatment options that can solve your dental worries and help you achieve the smile you desire. 

Aesthetic Composite Bonded Fillings

Aesthetic composite bonded fillings are used to correct chipped and decayed teeth. They are also used to close gaps in-between front teeth. Patients with unsightly defective silver fillings now routinely request for aesthetic composite bonded fillings. These restorations not only mimic the beauty of natural teeth, they bond teeth together, preventing teeth from fracturing. 

Aesthetic Veneers

Aesthetic veneers are thin pieces of dental porcelain or composite laminates. They are bonded onto the front surfaces of teeth. Aesthetic veneers are widely used for masking the color of badly discolored teeth, reshaping malaligned front teeth and closing gaps in between front teeth. 

Aesthetic Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

With the advancement of ceramic technology, worn out, fractured and defective silver mercury fillings can now be replaced by aesthetically pleasing porcelain inlay/onlays. They help to preserve tooth structure, restore strength and function back to teeth and prevent teeth from fracturing.