Less Is More

When it comes to dental treatment, think - less is more. Not every fractured or cracked tooth needs a crown. Advanced bonding techniques and materials are able to strengthen teeth in a minimally invasive manner. Whenever a tooth is prepared to receive a conventional crown, about 60-70 per cent of good tooth structure is removed, and it will never grow back. Renowned universities in Europe and the U.S., such as University of Southern California, are spearheading research in dental adhesive protocol and materials that mimic natural teeth. Clinicians are starting to question methods of treating structurally compromised teeth, and opting for minimally invasive techniques.

These minimally invasive treatment methods require dentists to be well-trained and familiar with advanced dental adhesive and bonding protocol. Simply filling up teeth with tooth-coloured dental material does not mean that the teeth have been reinforced. The technique of how the material is placed in the tooth is what really matters, and will help to properly seal and strengthen teeth. Do discuss your concerns with our dentists and find out what the alternatives to doing crowns are.