Modern Advanced Facilities

The advent of modern dentistry has lead to improvements in quality of care. Dental procedures can now be done better, faster and more predictable with the aid of advanced dental equipment and materials.

SmileArts Dental Studio is well positioned to leverage on these advanced facilities to deliver outstanding dental results for our patients.

We Believe in Disease Prevention and Minimally Invasive Dental Techniques

We believe in treating dental problems such as tooth decay and gum infections in their early stages. This reduces the need for complicated and lengthy treatment later on.

Our approach is to restore your teeth and oral health as conservatively as possible. We use advanced bonding techniques to restore bad teeth, which avoids the need for drilling big holes into them. This prevents tooth fracture and may save your tooth from root canal treatment.

Not all wisdom teeth require extraction or surgery. Contrary to common belief, if your tooth is growing out in a proper position and is not decayed or infected, you do not need to have it taken out. Let our dentists review your situation, and advise you on the most appropriate approach.

We Use : 

  • Digital low radiation dental radiography (x-rays) - high resolution clarity to detect potential problems
  • Laser decay detector - to pick up early stage tooth decay which may not be visible to the naked eye
  • Dental microscope - to magnify details in fine root canals of teeth as a thorough disinfection of these canals is critical to the success of root canal treatment
  • Restoration of cavities with tooth colored filling materials
  • Diode laser machine – to kill bacteria in gum and root canal infections effectively and painlessly
  • Magnification loupes – magnifying device that affords the highest accuracy for fine dental work