Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are prostheses used to restore badly fractured or decayed teeth back to their original shape and form. Dental crowns in the past were often made of metal and porcelain. The metal core provided strength to the dental crown to withstand biting forces while the porcelain is layered over the metal core for white aesthetics. However, the metal core resulted in a dark blue or black line at the gum margin of the dental crown. This presented a big aesthetic problem for patients who had to do crowns in their front teeth.


With improvements in ceramic technology, it is now possible to make dental crowns entirely out of porcelain. Full porcelain crowns not only maintain a translucency similar to natural teeth, they are strong and durable. Without a metal core, porcelain crowns do not have a problem of a dark line at the gum level. This vastly improves aesthetic results and allows the dental clinician to place the edge of the full porcelain crown above the gum line which is easier to clean and keep healthy.

If crowns are ever needed for your front teeth , full porcelain crowns are the ideal choice for natural looking teeth and a confident healthy smile.