Preventive Care

Education for Life

Our treatment philosophy centers around the goal of preserving our patients' teeth till old age, and if possible for life! As such, we devote quality time in educating our patient on the importance of good oral hygiene. Important concepts like how to floss, how to brush efficiently, disease related gum conditions and the use of relevant dentifrices are regular topics discussed during routine checkup sessions. 

Early Detection & Conservation

We constantly remind our patients that “no pain doesn't mean no problems”. Small holes that start to develop within teeth can be left undetected for long periods of time without causing any pain and discomfort.

During routine checkup appointments, our dedicated team of clinicians carefully inspect your teeth for any possible signs of cavities. If there are signs of cavitation, we hope to fill the hole as soon as possible.

At SmileArts, we employ the use of the Diagnodent, a laser decay detection device which is effective in spotting early stages of cavitation that are difficult to detect with the naked eye. This allows our clinicians to treat the small holes painlessly and conservatively, without the need for injections. 

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The advancement in bonding technology has made bonded tooth colored fillings very popular with dentists and patients. One of the greatest advantages of bonded tooth colored fillings is in its ability to stick to tooth structure as compared to silver mercury fillings. Silver mercury fillings require dentists to prepare a dimensional cavity form to hold the material. This often leads to increase in size of the hole and removal of more unaffected tooth structure. 

The use of bonded tooth colored fillings omits the need to enlarge cavity size, allowing the clinician to treat the hole as conservatively as possible. At SmileArts, we are a mercury free practice and only restore teeth with bonded tooth colored materials.