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A healthy, confident and attractive smile is an individual's most important social asset. The presence of a dazzling smile carries great significance and is a reliable indication of a person's sense of well being. It also has an enormous impact on a person's personal and business relationships, portraying an image of confidence, approachability and vitality.

With advances in modern dentistry, you no longer need to be troubled by unsightly, stained, chipped or crooked teeth. At SmileArts Dental Studio, we understand our patients' aesthetic needs and strive to provide reliable and practical solutions. Feel free to view our website and explore the various smile enhancement possibilities. Take the first step towards making your smile your greatest asset! Give us a call today.  

Our Values

We Listen

We know that many people are apprehensive about seeing the dentist. We are experienced in helping patients cope with dental fear. Share with us your concerns about your teeth and oral health. We will help you to gradually overcome your dental phobia.

We Believe in Disease Prevention and Minimally Invasive Dental Techniques

We believe in treating dental problems such as tooth decay and gum infections in their early stages. This reduces the need for complicated and lengthy treatment later on. 

We Respect Your Choices

Our dentists will always explain their findings and concerns to you, and provide you with different treatment options. We will discuss with you what works best for you, and support you in the treatment plan that is customized to your needs.

We Love Children

Most of our dentists are parents too. We understand every child has his/her unique personality and temperament. Treating children is different from treating adults, and it takes time. We partner parents in caring for their children's oral health and developing good oral habits.

Our approach is to restore your teeth and oral health as conservatively as possible. 

Our approach is to restore your teeth and oral health as conservatively as possible. 


Biomimetic Dentistry

With each breakthrough in dental care, dentistry gets closer to the important goal of helping patients maintain strong, healthy teeth for a long time. The Biometric approach is less invasive and aims to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Mercury Free Dentistry

SmileArts Dental Studio is a mercury-free practice. Old defective silver mercury fillings are replaced with strong, aesthetic white fillings that not only looks natural but last just as well if not longer.

Digital Dentistry

At SmileArts Dental Studio, we open your eyes to customized treatment options that can solve your dental worries and help you achieve the smile you desire.

Dental Implant

Dental implants can be aesthetically pleasing for front teeth. They also help patients to chew better. For patients with loose dentures, dental implants can aid to stabilize and retain them.

Preventive Care

Our treatment philosophy centers around the goal of preserving our patients' teeth till old age, and if possible for life! As such, we devote quality time in educating our patient on the importance of good oral hygiene.

TMD & Headaches

Diagnosing these problems requires a multidisciplinary approach. These may include your physician, and ENT specialist, physical therapist, chiropractor or message therapist.


Braces is a device used to align teeth and their position with regards to a person’s bite. It can be done both in children and adults. Braces can be used to help correct: crocked teeth, tilted teeth, crowded teeth and spacing between teeth.

General Dentistry & Specialist Services

Our clinicians at SmileArts Dental Studio are equipped and trained to perform a wide variety of dental procedures. Even if a dental condition is complex or difficult, we have on board, dental specialists from all disciplines to help you.

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